Olivia: Proof of Concept EP

June 26th, 2013

Synapse.Project has teamed up with a singer (Dinora Walcott Alexander) to form a new band called Olivia. They’ve just released their first 5 song EP on Bandcamp as a pay what you want download. Why don’t you go check it out huh?

Great surprise today. THERE’S A NEW T6G album!!!

And it is MASSIVE (40 tracks!)! Put it in your ears!!! Out now on Scolex.


We’re still here!

January 4th, 2012

Its been very sparse around here, but it seemed like the beginning of the year would be a good time to let the few of us know that this site isn’t dead. I’m sure there will be more new music up here one of these days. Its just very hard to coordinate things right now. We all live far away from each other and we’re all almost ten years older than we were when Noiseusse started. Life is just different. I do know that most of the people who made music for this site are still making music, so really its just playing the waiting game for someone to break their silence. So since there’s no new “official” Noiseusse releases right now, I thought it might be helpful to post where we’re at online, other than here.

666gangstaz can found

here, here, here

play can be found

here, here

syanpse.project can be found

here, here, here

also noiseusse is on twitter here

okay, we good?


August 19th, 2010

Got the idea in my head that we probably ought to back up some stuff. Its been a while and we’ve ignored it before, until it swam up and bit us in the ass! (That was from Jaws).

So the page is slowly being updated with everything on this site. I hadn’t been over there in a while and was pleasantly surprised to see how well some of the Noiseusse Classics have been doing as far as downloads. Would love you know, who the hell all of you people are!

dj crackhouse mixes!

April 26th, 2010

bitches wanna dance techno breaks club dance
surgeon & regis mix techno
Techno hates u 2 mixed by dj crackhouse this is how the album should be heard
we are the future new skool hardtechno
more techy clubby dans

well. well. well.
10 years of 666.
4 toshiba sattelites.
broken hearts and blown minds.
i pretty much dream in pianoroll and cc envelopes every night now (i am not joking!)
i promise you i will never stop.
and dont you stop either. never.
i have seen some of the most brilliant and vibrant minds of our generation give up completely (RIP Planetsize and Disco D etc.) and its the most tradgik fucking thing ever.
there’s always hope.

so here’s some b sides and new dance tracks and things that slipped thru the cracks (dead braincells -vicious cycle era).
lift each other up!
666gangstaz – Don’t Ever Stop .zip
mad love 2 all our friends fans and family!
(ps try to sleep and eat every day!)

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