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Olivia: Proof of Concept EP

June 26th, 2013

Synapse.Project has teamed up with a singer (Dinora Walcott Alexander) to form a new band called Olivia. They’ve just released their first 5 song EP on Bandcamp as a pay what you want download. Why don’t you go check it out huh?


February 17th, 2009

Our first physical release!

Ambient synths, strings, distortion and droning calls from the depths, created from a mix of nostalgic down-tuned choral samples, slow moving beats and somewhat dark atmosphere.

This album began in July 2006 as a series of sketches having to do with Frank Herbert’s Dune, inter-dimensional communication, urban exploration, the evolution of places over time and events that have taken place in them over the years. I think it is best to think of Future Gods as one long piece of music, variations on a theme. An extended snapshot of our bleak future.

Limited to 26 hand-numbered copies. The disc comes enclosed in handmade sleeve, which is attached to a heavy-weight folded cover on green stock and then the entire package is wrapped in two-fold envelope made of light-weight cream stock. The cover image was printed using six-color inks, on heavy High-Gloss photo paper, and can be removed for framing, if so desired. All paper and inks used are 100% acid-free.


1. Poisoned Ground (3:41)
2. Calling the Sleeper (5:05)
3. Looming (6:28)
4. Dug up The Past (7:24)
5. Looming (reprise) (3:00)
6. The Hidden Basement Interlude (4:00)
7. Robot Eyes (The Sleeper Has Awakened) (5:28)
8. Digging up The Past (reprise) (7:59)
9. We Can’t go to Sleep Again (5:51)

Total Time: Approx. 49 min.

Recorded June 16th 2007 as part of the Transistor Festival.

Live in a Room, June 16th 2007


N16: Coppery,Jessant: Sleepcore

September 14th, 2004
  1. Laughter
  2. Felling
  3. Dancer
  4. Bleeding
  5. Cruise Ship
  6. The Sign
  7. Ullik
  8. Screas


  1. Main Entrance
  2. Den
  3. Safehouse
  4. Underbelly.Initiation
  5. Night Sky
  6. The Tribe


  1. Drifts
  2. fukkgod
  3. interestingrobottalk
  4. asilaydead
  5. nobody
  6. overview
  7. sleepdrones
  8. Point A to Point B
  9. smallroomtobreathe
  10. soft
  11. Time


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